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Teenage tennis sensation, Coco Gauff Reaches Maiden WTA Final



Linz, Austria – Coco Gauff, the American teenage tennis powerhouse has stunned the world with an amazing performance to reach the first WTA final of her career on Saturday.

Coco Gauff
Coco Gauff, the American teenage

The 15-year-old beat Andrea Petkovic 6-4, 6-4 in the last four in Linz. Gauff is the youngest woman to make a WTA final since Nicole Vaidisova won the Tashkent title in 2004.

“This is definitely unreal, my first final on the WTA, Linz is my special place. Not even in juniors did I ever get into something as a lucky loser — now I’m in the final.

“I’ve had a lot of luck and happiness here. This was one of the highest-level matches I’ve played. Andrea hit a lot of winners and put pressure on me.

“I was fighting for every point, even at breakpoints down, I just tried to get the service in and make her play a point,” Gauff said.

Her mother arrived in time to watch her daughter, flying in from Luxembourg after arriving from Florida.

Gauff had thought she would be involved in Luxembourg WTA qualifying this weekend, but finds herself with more pressing duties in Linz instead.

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Between Lauren James/ Michelle Alozie: as FIFA WW Cup ends today.




I was a huge fan of Lauren James in this current FIFA World Cup, which ends today. However, my admiration quickly turned to shock when she committed a blatant and disgraceful foul against Nigeria’s Falcons player, Michelle Chiwendu Alozie. The referee should have immediately issued a red card to Lauren James without needing assistance from the VAR (Visual Audio Room) to realize the severity of her offense. It made me wonder why someone like Lauren, who is partly Grenadian and Dominican, would act in such a manner toward another woman of color. Just imagine the global outrage that would have ensued if she were white! I wanted FIFA to ban Ms. James from their remaining matches; unfortunately, she will be back today, playing against Spain in the final. May England lose. Amen.

I am unsure about the number of women or men who have attended Ivy League universities and pursued professional football either part-time or full-time after completing their education.
Attending Yale (popularly called YALE) is not an easy feat. It is the dream of every aspiring American student to attend Ivy League colleges like Yale in America, as these schools produce some of the best individuals among us.
After graduating from one of the world’s most prestigious universities, you earn everyone’s respect and admiration. You can easily find employment in your desired field and start making good money.
Many Yale graduates become governors, senators, Presidents, CEOs of big companies, and influential figures. Soccer, which Americans refer to as football worldwide, does not generate as much money as baseball, American football, basketball, or hockey. Soccer has only a fraction of followers compared to these sports. Female soccer players earn significantly less than their male counterparts or athletes in other sports; for example, women’s USA players make about $25k – $85k per season.
In the past, most football players were school dropouts. In the Eastern part of Nigeria, where Michelle’s parents come from, women rarely played football; it was exclusively a boys’ game.
So why is Michelle Chiwendu Alozie playing ‘soccer’ after graduating from Yale? It must be her love for the game. She must have a burning passion for it that goes beyond monetary considerations. Playing football means much more to this young woman – she loves the sport.

If the Nigerian team had been adequately prepared for this ongoing FIFA Women’s Tournament, I strongly believe Michelle Alozie and her teammates possessed what it takes to secure victory against England.
Aware that her team was struggling, Lauren James allowed frustration to get the better of her and made an error that would forever stain her football profile and resume. What she did to Michelle Alozie – one of the world’s most intelligent women – is deeply troubling. To make matters worse, she didn’t even offer an immediate apology.

Young Michelle Alozie and her equally educated teammates must have an unwavering love for football to risk everything by playing for Nigeria. Let me also take this opportunity to commend Ashleigh Plumptre for switching allegiance to play for Nigeria and extend my respect to Asisat Oshoala, Rasheedat Ajibade, Chiamaka Nnadozie (one of the best goalkeepers in the world), Yewande Balogun, Osinachi Ohale, Uchenna Kanu, Gift Monday, Ifeoma Onumonu, and others. Girls, this is just the beginning – your potential knows no bounds. The entire black race takes immense pride in your achievements.
Alla Bama is a Nigerian-American, New York City-based musician/music producer.

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Cheer on, Super Falcons! Nigerians are standing behind you-Agu writes.



Super Falcons

I am excited for the Super Falcons of Nigeria because they will catch the attention of scouts and prominent club owners as they continue to excel. Their outstanding victory over Australia, the host nation of the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup, is truly remarkable. They have sent a strong message to other teams in this competition and are comfortably leading Group B.

Their lives will change for the better, and they truly deserve it. When I look at their faces, I see girls who have faced tremendous challenges. The only way to escape the chaos in our country is by developing one’s talents. One day, you will be discovered and celebrated globally. If fortunate enough to have children, it is important to start early in helping them develop a skill that sets them apart – a decision you will never regret.

In America, both girls and boys who play soccer receive full scholarships. After completing their education, clubs are eager to recruit them immediately. If you possess playing skills as a young woman or man, you can apply to any college in America. Ensure you record your games and build your profile through them – even if you live in a remote area, all it takes is your cellphone to record your soccer/tennis/basketball games. You don’t need anyone else’s assistance; visit the website of your preferred school, click on the menu button, locate their athletic/sporting department section, and apply – it’s that easy! Once you send what coaches can watch,
the school will take care of everything else.

Moreover, the current Super Falcons team will inspire a new generation of Nigerian girls to play football. The days when Africans believed football was exclusively for boys are long gone.

Thank you so much once again,
Super Falcons!

Emma Agu (also known as AlahBama or Maziyke) writes from New York City

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Ons Jabeur lost the Wimbledon Tennis Final again, alla-bama reacts.




She is not only the best African tennis player but also one of the top ten players in the world. I have witnessed her triumphs and defeats when it truly mattered. Ons Jabeur, hailing from Tunisia, holds the distinction of being the first Arabic woman professional tennis player. At 28 years old, she has amassed a net worth of $8 million, playing tennis. A journey she began when she was only three years old.

I vividly remember her victory over Ayna Sabalenka from Belarus, who had denied her multiple opportunities to win a grand slam title in the past. She also eliminated the defending champion who had defeated her at Wimbledon last year. Many believed that Sabalenka was the biggest obstacle on her path to reaching the finals.

Despite sacrificing my gym and tennis time this morning, I eagerly watched Ons Jabeur’s match with apprehension. In previous instances, whenever I supported certain players, they would suffer painful losses. This time she was up against an unseeded left-handed player named Marketa Vondrousova.

I hoped this would be Ons Jabeur’s best chance to bring pride to Africa and serve as an inspiration for millions of young African women across Africa. Additionally, I wanted her victory to highlight how African youths can secure automatic scholarships in overseas colleges through playing tennis—a sport that has enabled many individuals to become millionaires.

The much-anticipated Saturday morning arrived with prayers from every tennis enthusiast rooting for Jabeur—including myself—in front of Prince and Princess Wales as well as a packed arena filled with her fans. However, minutes into the game, it became apparent that something was amiss as Ons Jabeur seemed indifferent and played recklessly—almost as if she were angry with herself.

Disheartened by what I saw during the first set, I turned off my television, fully convinced that she was destined to lose. I decided to inform my daughter, Princess Amaka, who was on her way to work, that I would not be watching the entire match. My daughter had played tennis for her college team, and just yesterday, we both enjoyed a thrilling match between Carlos Alcaraz and Medvedev. We had been eagerly anticipating Jabeur’s triumph this morning.

Later in the day, when I turned on the television again, my heart sank as I witnessed Ons Jabeur in tears—weeping uncontrollably. It was truly heartbreaking to witness. This wasn’t the first time I had seen her perform exceptionally well during the preliminary rounds, only to falter in the final match. Her coaching team must address this issue before she becomes too frustrated and considers giving up.

It saddened me deeply that she once again lost in the finals.

alla-bama (Maziyke) is a NewYork-based awarding-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and media personality.

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Today’s Super bowl and the Nigerian connection.



I have been watching the Super bowl for nearly twenty years, but today’s Super bowl is unique in so many ways; six talented players of Nigerian descent are taking part in this tournament.

It feels good to know that Chido Awuzie’s father hails from my hometown, Mbaise, in Imo State, Nigeria. His uncle Tony Uwakwe was the President of the Mbaise Association of New York.

 Never in the history of the Super Bowl did we see six players of Nigerian descent in both team roosters; the presence of these talented players makes it hard for me to put my money where my mouth is. 

 The Bengals parades five Nigerian-American players:-

1 Chidobe Awuzie

2. C.J. Uzomah 3. Joseph Ossai 4. Hakeem Adeniji

5. Larry Ogunjobi

6 Ogbonnia Okoronkwo Plays for the Rams of LA.

Overall, however today’s game goes, these talented players will make history—I will be blogging live. Join me

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