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Proposed Innoson Vehicles Logo Gets Manufacturers’ Attention



Who knew Osuolale Farouq’s re-design of Innoson Vehicles’ logo would be eye-popping? Innoson’s boss did!

A twitter user Farouq tweeted on Wednesday a re-design of Innoson Vehicle logo. The proposed logo has since gone viral to the extent of catching the attention of Innoson Vehicles’ CEO Mr. Innocent Chukwuma.

Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing company(IVM), an automobile and bus manufacturing company is a Nigerian company. 70% of their parts are made locally while the remaining are sourced from China, Japan and Germany.

Innoson vehicle redesigned logo

The proposed redesigned logo was inspired by an eagle. The designer considered three features of an eagle. The first letter ‘I’ was likened to the eagle’s beak. The second letter ‘V’ is for the eagle’s wings and finally letter ‘M’ represented the eyes of the eagle.

An invitation to Farouq was made via IVM’s twitter handle the same day. Innoson vehicles tweeted “Dear @osuolale_farouq the attention of the Chairman/CEO of @Innosonvehicles has been called upon on your creative re-design of IVM logo. The Chairman is highly impressed and has requested for a meeting with you. Please DM to us your contact details for possible reach.

IVM has yet to accept the logo fully as it is quite early for a decision to be made. Furthermore, the event garnered mostly positive remarks amongst Nigerian twitter users putting aside tribalism.

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