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Cardi B Experiences Nigeria’s Epileptic Power Supply, Rendering Bad Remarks



Cardi B touched down Nigeria excited on Friday as she is set to perform at the Eko Hotels and Suites on December 7, 2019, for the first time.

The American female rapper flew in excited, twerking to her remix of DMW boss, Davido’s song “Fall” in a video she posted while on the plane.

In the Video Cardi B was excited coming to Nigeria. She went on to caption the video with a quote announcing her trip to Africa, saying:

“1:03 am drop my KK in NY on my way to Afrriiiiicaaaaaaaaaa baybeeeee!!!!!!”

Her excitement went sour as she checked into her hotel room, covering her nose with a scarf. Furthermore, posting a video online comparing Nigeria to the Dominican Republic, with the epileptic power supply and lousy infrastructure in common.

The video was made while she was taking a short tour around Lagos state, showing the not-so-impressive infrastructure while she stated: “we are in the mother f*cking Nigeria, No light, this sh*t looks like the Dominican Republic.”

Nigerians reacting to the video post on Instagram agreed with her observation with some stating how they pay per month amidst the inconsistent power supply.

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R Kelly, Sean ‘P-Diddy’ Combs & the power of money, AGUIKE writes



Jammie Fox-R-Kelly-Sean Combs

R. Kelly, a highly talented musician, is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence after being convicted of sexual misconduct with multiple women. Most notably, some of these women were his girlfriends, including the mother of his children. Just last night, it was reported that Jamie Foxx, the musician, comedian, and Oscar winner, is facing accusations of sexual misconduct from an individual identified as Jane Doe.

Recently, Sean Combs (also known as P Diddy or Puff Daddy) was accused by his ex-girlfriend and R&B singer Cassie of rape and coercing her into engaging in sexual activities with prostitutes while also using drugs. However, before the situation could escalate further legally, a monetary settlement was reached, and Cassandra withdrew her lawsuit.

Despite reaching a financial settlement before going through the court system, P Diddy’s reputation had already been damaged. His public image has suffered dramatically.

Reflecting on R Kelly’s case and considering how many women have come forward accusing him of rape—including his former partner—it is likely that if he had substantial funds at his disposal, he would have sought an out-of-court settlement. While I do not support or dismiss any wrongful actions against women in any way whatsoever—I have observed numerous accusations made against various celebrities driven by financial motivations.

In the music industry, men often behave immaturely, while women may participate in more frivolous activities. It would be hard for any entertainer to claim they have never done something they are not proud of at some point in their career. Many musicians lead chaotic lives filled with womanizing tendencies alongside drug and alcohol abuse—all without much concern for their future consequences. They often father children across different cities during their tours.
I recall one instance where a famous Nigerian musician served as President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria. One day, one of his children approached him, and he claimed not to know who the child was. Truthfully, he didn’t recognize his offspring. This musician was so famous and adored that every woman in South Western Nigeria would do anything to bear his child.

We can also recall former President Donald Trump once stating that when someone is a celebrity, they allow you to do whatever you want with them—and he wasn’t wrong. However, it should be noted that some of these individuals who consented initially may eventually pursue financial compensation from the celebrities involved. This phenomenon affects both male and female stars.

As the saying goes, “Money answers everything.” Many individuals who have accused various celebrities of wrongdoing often receive significant monetary settlements.

While the world and music industry rightfully condemn R Kelly for his irresponsible actions toward his accusers, we should also consider that if he had sufficient financial resources, he might have found a way out of the mess he created. There are countless other celebrities out there who may have committed worse deeds than R Kelly but continue to thrive due to their wealth.

As attention turns towards Jamie Foxx and the individual suing him for financial damages, I hope we allow the court system to decide this case fairly. The mainstream media tends to fixate on black celebrities—rarely waiting for legal resolutions before passing judgment on them; this severely damages their public image long before any jury reaches a verdict in their trials.

My prayer is that one day, R Kelly will be granted parole as nobody is above sin; none of us are saints.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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Rema, featuring Selena Gomez’s “Calm Down,” takes over New York City’s Airwave



Selena Gomez

A few days ago, while doing strength training at my YMCA gym in Cross Island, New York, I had my earbuds and listened to music. This allowed me to block out the noise of people dropping dumbbells. However, a friend approached me on this particular day, and I decided to pause my music. As we chatted, I heard “Baby Calm,” a song by Rema/Selena Gomez, blasting from the nearby dance studio.

Curious about the commotion coming from the studio, I walked closer and discovered a group of grandmothers gracefully dancing to this song. It surprised me that teenagers were not the only ones attending this dance class. The fact that a significant part of the song was sung in Yoruba (a Nigerian dialect) reinforced the belief that music is a universal language. Music transcends age, religion, gender, and hate. Witnessing these moms embrace music from my country filled me with joy as someone who has contributed to Nigeria’s dance music scene.

It is heartwarming to see that Rema – born Divine Ikubor in Benin City – has taken over New York City’s airwaves with his song. The people living in this incredible city have found solace through his music. Radio DJs on KTU, Z100, 105.1 (Hip-Pop), and many other mainstream channels are enamored with “Baby Calm.” It plays almost every 10 minutes or even more frequently than that. Nigerian music has become an essential part of any party playlist in the Big Apple.

Back in 2009, when I ran The Nigerian FM, I frequently played Nigerian music, and listeners often asked where they could purchase it. The works of artists like Burna Boy, P-Square, and Techno stood out at that time. The reason why some of the best Nigerian music hasn’t made it to mainstream radio stations in the US is a story for another day. I will dedicate another piece since this write-up focuses on Rema’s success.

Rema’s collaboration with Selena Gomez on “Calm Down” was wise. Selena Gomez, a globally beloved figure with over 400 million Instagram followers, humbly thanked Rema for featuring her in his hit song on her social media platform.

Had Rema collaborated with other superstars, especially those in the hip-hop genre who have half of Selena Gomez’s following, they would have tried to overshadow his rise to stardom. They would want credit for his success and attempt to outshine him if he received awards. Whoever orchestrated this collaboration that propelled “Calm Down” by Rema is worthy of praise. I also take this opportunity to thank Selena Gomez for being an incredible individual and acknowledging how this collaboration has impacted her life.

I am aware of the rumor circulating about Selena now dating Rema. However, it’s important to note that simply kissing or hugging does not automatically mean they are a couple. If they are in a relationship, it is their personal affair and should be respected.

To be continued…

In my next part, I will delve into the song itself and highlight the lessons established and upcoming artists can learn from it.

Alla-bama is an award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and media personality based in New York City.

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YFN Lucci Wanted for Felony Murder in ATL



YFN Lucci

American rapper, singer, and songwriter Rayshawn Lamar Bennett, professionally known as YFN Lucci is presently wanted by the Atlanta police department for allegedly shooting a man to death.

Lucci has been slapped with multiple charges including possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, participation in criminal street gang activity, aggravated assault, and felony murder.

The 29year old rapper is suspected of being involved in a shooting incident in southwest Atlanta last month, which left one man dead from a gunshot wound to the head and another man injured.

Atlanta PD is offering up to $5,000 for info leading to his arrest and conviction as the rapper is still on the run.

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The Lyrical Era Re-sprouts



Fireboy x Joeboy

Among the several evolutions taking place in the Nigerian entertainment industry, the music sector has passed through many eras.
The 80s and 90s were filled with lyrically inclined songs, no matter the genre. Artists were known for their heavy lyrics, which appealed to people at that time.

Y2k birthed a new era of “very” commercial music; an era, musicians took little effort in writing as much as a themed verse.
A musician only needed to be intoxicated and equipped with the latest sound effects and a groovy beat to the awe of music lovers.
Some artists from the 90s adjusted to this trend thereby creating and expanding their fan base.

Then a pandemic happened; rebuilding tolerance amongst impatient music lovers who now had ample time to accommodate verbose lyrics due to idleness caused by the “stay at home” order in 2020.
New artists like Fireboy DML, Joeboy, and Omah Lay immediately set the pace with their lyrically verbose tunes, for old artists who wanted to remain relevant.
Presently a song without meaningful lyrics won’t be a hit.

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